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Started as a family business in 1987, Euro Support has been the partner of choice to independent technology developers and major catalyst producers… working under the motto: no batch is too small, no challenge too great. During those 30 years, we have built up a proven track record for close collaboration and long-term relationships with our customers.


The company is still privately owned today, and offers sulfur recovery catalysts and activated alumina adsorbents, as well as UOP’s Versal range of forming grade Pseudo Boehmite alumina powders. In addition, Euro Support provides toll catalyst manufacturing services and custom made proprietary catalysts for the petrochemical industry.


Our mission is to be the best at meeting your needs, at the lab, pilot or commercial-production scale. Our products and services therefore offer the best of both worlds: world-class catalyst development and manufacturing, materials and engineering services… coming from a flexible, privately-owned player with a solid international network.



Manufacturing - Uden - the Netherlands

Originally built as a dielectric materials production location (Ferro) for the Philips corporation, the Uden site has been a part of Euro Support since 2010.
The resulting synergy allows for the production of these materials in tandem with the production of catalysts, both activities marked by high standards of purity and quality management.
Since the acquisition, the site has been expanded and investments have been made to enhance its capabilities. The current focus is on powder processing like spray drying and powder calcination.

Practical information: when arriving at the main gate of the site, please check in. The gate will then be opened for you.

Head Quarters - Amersfoort - the Netherlands

Since 1987, Euro Support‘s head offices have been located in a monumental building in the old city center of Amersfoort.
The Amersfoort headquarters houses the company‘s management offices, financial administration, logistics, catalysts and material services and Claus catalysts organization.

Manufacturing - Litvinov - Czech Republic

The catalyst plant in Litvinov (Czech Republic) was built in the 1980s as part of the Litvinov refinery complex, and was originally designed to manufacture all catalysts used at the local refinery. In the 1990s, Euro Support recognized that the catalyst plant was the ideal base for providing the broad range of products and services required to support custom catalyst development, scale-up and manufacturing. Following an initial period of exclusive cooperation, Euro Support acquired the catalyst manufacturing plant itself in 2003. Frequent expansions and investments have since been made to ensure ongoing flexibility, responsiveness and short lead times in the face of growing demand.

Practical information: If you would like to visit us in Litvinov, please let us know so that we can arrange entrance to the site, which is part of a larger refinery complex. When you arrive, please go to gate 11 (when driving towards Litvinov, turn right immediately after passing the Benzina petrol station, just after the roundabout). At Gate 11 you must sign in at the reception desk.

Whistleblower Policy: notifications for Czech plant in Litvinov can be made by following application: https://www.nntb.cz/c/eurosupport

What we care about

Euro Support leads the pack in continuity, short response times and equally short lines of communication.  

We make sure your orders come across loud and clear, by assigning a single, dedicated business manager to each customer. 

One well-informed technical business manager as your contact person, dedicated to providing you with the expertise and service you need, and backed by a team of experienced researchers, process engineers, technologists, buyers and HSE experts.  

Like to find out more about exactly how Euro Support can make the difference for your business? Contact us today!

Who we serve

We are as diverse as we are flexible. Our customers include major players in industries such as petrochemicals, biorenewables, pharmaceuticals, automotive, advanced manufacturing, gas processing, oleochemicals, refining and electronics.

Gas processing

Where you'll find us

The Netherlands
the Czech Republic

Who we are

The Euro Support Group is built on the commitment of 275 individuals – researchers, process engineers, technologists, buyers, HSE experts, technical and commercial personnel - at 5 international locations. All with the same aim in mind: providing our customers with the most competitive products and services in the field of catalysts and materials technologies.


Both our plants, in Litvinov (CZ) and Uden (NL),  are ISO certified:

Litvinov (CZ): ISO9001 and ISO14001 (English).

Uden (NL): ISO9001 and ISO14001


Furthermore, our Litvinov (CZ) location is also ResponsibleCare certified and participates in the Operational Program Enterprise and Innovation for Competitiveness by the European Union. More information on this program can be found here in Czech and in English. Research Infrastructure can be found here in Czech and in English.





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